About Us

The Mission, Vision, and Values of JCM Management Company, Inc.

Our Mission:

To provide quality, attractive, interactive rental communities that will enable residents to truly love their home and to provide a team framework that demonstrates professionalism and provides a caring environment for our customers and our team.

Our Vision:

The residents at the properties that we manage will be the happiest and most content in the industry.  We will enjoy a reputation as one of the top management companies in the state.  To achieve this vision we will:

Maintain the physical plants in the best and most attractive possible manner, providing prompt, efficient and courteous service to our residents, maintain full occupancy, fully collect monthly rents and enforce community policies;

Meet the needs of the residents by providing high quality services administratively and physically;

Strive to receive top scores on any project management review;

Develop and maintain professional relationships with subcontractors that we employ at the properties;

Recruit and train the most qualified and caring team members;

We Value:

Honesty and Integrity
Effective Communication
Customer Service
Responsibility to Our Communities and to Our Positions

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